It is indeed the best solution for high-speed remote connectivity in multi areas.

The Benefit

WAN Across Separated Locations

VSAT networks give reliable connections across multiple remote sites that are scattered over a very wide geographical area. A satellite in orbit can cover around a third of the earth’s surface and can connect all remote sites in any region with coverage. Multiple satellites can also work together to provide a truly global coverage.

High Speed Access

One of the best VSAT advantage is Speed. VSAT Systems can provide users with speeds as high as 10 Mbps upload and 45 Mbps download.

Virtual Private Networks

VSAT and satellite platforms support encryption of all data transferred between two or more sites. This security is one of the main reasons why VSAT is favored in crucial fields like defense and government projects.

Rapid/Instant Deployment

The deployment of VSAT links at the customer premises can be done in a short. The deployment of VSAT links can be done in any region, no matter where it is located, as long as the location is covered by the satellite.

Internet Access Stability

VSAT can provide Internet access to any remote site that is under the satellite’s coverage. VSAT provides broadband internet with very high speeds with excellent reliability. Home users and corporations can access dedicated or shared VSAT bandwidth, and they can choose from many bandwidth options that fit their requirements perfectly.

Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth can be allocated or restricted based on individual applications. This feature is very useful for business and enterprise level communications, ensuring that critical business applications have a certain dedicated bandwidth across the VSAT network at all times.


VSAT networks are extremely reliable, with up-times in the magnitude of 99.9% and above. This level of reliability cannot be matched by any of our current terrestrial communication systems. Makes this ideal back-up to Terrestrial Networks.

Cost Effectiveness and Easy Management

The cost is uniform and does not depend on distance, hence useful for hilly, remote and ill-connected areas. So each year communication budget can be planned accurately. Institutions can fix their communication costs and make them.

How It Works

VSAT Parts We Can Provide

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